Why choose QR Consulting as your Registration Holder?

ANVISA Medical Device Registration and Approval
5 de novembro de 2018
Brazil GMP Quality System Compliance
5 de novembro de 2018

Why choose QR Consulting as your Registration Holder?

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Why choose QR Consulting as your Registration Holder? QR Consulting is licensed by ANVISA to be your registration holder. With an office in Brazil, we can act as your independent BRH and remove any possibility that you will be stuck with an underperforming distributor for the duration of your registrations. As your BRH, we are going to:

Provide authorization to place the QR Consulting name, address, and phone/fax number on your device submissions and registrations to ANVISA

Liaise ANVISA and your company during registration, and provide access to device documentation for inspection by ANVISA if requested

Request GMP quality system inspections on your behalf and submit self-inspection reports to ANVISA

Assist in renewal of device registrations
Coordinate with distributors to issue import authorization letters
Assist you in the event of a recall or incident report
Appointing a registration holder is an important decision.

By hiring QR Consulting you will have a small investment in maintaining flexibility and control over your registrations in Brazil.

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