According to a survey carried out by ABIMED (Brazilian Association of the Technology for Health Industry with a significant sample of its members) – Thermometer ABIMED, 88% of the companies in the sector intend to increase investments this year, even taking into account the moment in the country, the impacts caused by the conflict in Ukraine and the standard operation of the IRS and its consequences on business. This edition of the ABIMED Thermometer, which is carried out quarterly, considers the second quarter of 2022, projecting based on what happened during the 1st semester.

For most of the companies interviewed, the current scenario should not interfere with the real growth in revenue – 46% believe in an increase of more than 10%; 19% in a growth between 5% and 10%; and 23% between 1% and 5%. Only 4% predict a drop of more than 5% and 4% do not expect any growth.

As 100% of the companies interviewed import their products, 77% of them have identified the impact of the Federal Revenue’s standard operation on business. Of those that point to such an impact, 31% say that the releases of their imports have taken between 15 and 30 days. Twelve percent indicate a delay of more than 30 days and 23% between 5 and 10 days.

Higher costs

When analyzing the 2021 scenario and the 1st half of 2022, 83% of companies identify an increase in sectoral costs between 5% and 20%; 8% of them register an increase above 20%; and 4% between 0 and 5%. The most relevant factors (more than one item could be pointed out) for higher costs were: availability of the item (69%); logistical issues (62%); increase in prices (58%); heating of world demand (35%); and War in Ukraine (31%).

Font: 88% das empresas do setor de dispositivos médicos aumentarão investimento neste ano – HOSPITAIS BRASIL (portalhospitaisbrasil.com.br)

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