Did the day to take the second dose come? Do not waste time! Complete the immunization and preserve your health. It is important to take the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, when there is a forecast, because the effectiveness of the immunizing agent was proven from analyzes carried out with the two applications.

The person who does not complete the vaccination schedule is more vulnerable to infection by the new coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) than the person who received the two doses. In other words, in addition to exposing themselves to the risk of being infected and becoming ill, this individual does not help to control the circulation of the virus. And there’s more: incomplete vaccination can create a favorable environment for the emergence of even more resistant versions of the coronavirus.

Imagine the following situation: there are invaders on the loose looking for accommodation in organisms. Some organisms, for reasons still unknown, manage to expel them with ease. Others fight for hours, days, or months and manage to win the battle. There are also those who fight hard and lose their lives.

The vaccine, therefore, enters the scene to make it more resistant to attack by these invading viruses! If a given vaccine foresees two applications, it means that the two doses are necessary to strengthen your immune system, leaving you more prepared to face a possible fight.

According to the director-president of Anvisa, Antonio Barra Torres, vaccines are, at this moment, the most proven, reliable and effective pharmacological measure available worldwide. “It doesn’t make sense for a person to take a dose of the vaccine and not show up for the second dose. Those who do this have insufficient and inadequate protection”, he warns.

Missed the deadline?

If you remembered your return date or changed your mind about the importance of the new dose and missed the deadline, the popular saying “better late than never” is worth it. Even after the deadline, it is absolutely relevant to complete the vaccination schedule. Completing this schedule does not mean restarting the count and taking the first dose of the immunizing agent again. Just take the second dose and go on with life, taking the necessary precautions until the vaccine reaches everyone’s arms.

Ah, if you took the first dose and felt mild discomfort, please understand that these symptoms are temporary and should not be a reason to give up the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. In order to achieve collective immunity, which can curb the transmission of the virus and make us all get back to normal more quickly, it is necessary that around 70% of the population complete the vaccination cycle. Brazil needs to reach this level of collective immunity to see and experience the expected effect of vaccination. For this, each one needs to do their part.

Go to the vaccination site and take the second dose when the time comes! Do it for yourself, your family, your friends and a healthier society!

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