Brazil GMP Quality System Compliance

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5 de novembro de 2018
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Brazil GMP Quality System Compliance

Regulation: Companies that want to sell Class III and IV medical devices or IVDs in Brazil must be certified by ANVISA (GMP certification). The requirements for medical devices are specified in Brazilian resolution RDC 16/2013 and MDSAP model.

B-GMP inspections prior to registration approval: In order to be in compliance with Brazilian requirements, you must submit a GMP Certificate to start the registration of Class III or IV registration. GMP certification requires an inspection by ANVISA (onsite inspection). ANVISA will only approve device registrations after successful completion of a GMP audit.

QR Consulting can help you complying with Brazilian QMS requirements

Complete a thorough gap assessment to evaluate your current level of compliance performing on-site audit in preparation for your BGMP inspection.
Help modify your existing QMS to meet Brazilian GMP requirement.
Provide on-site support during ANVISA's inspection of your quality system.

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